Are you feeling completely hopeless after infidelity in your relationship?

The help is here...


I take relationships that have been devastated by infidelity and help them transform into a connected relationship...

one like they’ve never had before



If you find yourself saying things like...

  • How can we create trust again?
  • I can’t believe we are here.
  • I never thought this would happen to us.
  • Our life is ruined.
  • How will our kids ever overcome this?
  • How can we move on?
  • What are we going to tell people?

I want you to know that there is HOPE...

... just imagine what it would be like if…

  • You trusted each other again.
  • You felt strong again…you had your self-esteem and respect back.
  • You knew it was going to be ok… that you’d get through this.
  • You knew your partner still loved you.
  • You knew your partner still wanted you.
  • You felt confident…your relationship was stronger than ever before.
  • You knew the relationship didn’t have to end.

Meet Your Coach

Hi there, I am Shannon!

I help couples get from an emotionally painful place to a brand new place of connection and security after an affair. I have worked as a marriage and family therapist for over 20 years and during that time, I’ve helped hundreds of couples reconnect and create a stronger relationship after infidelity.



I know you desire to trust again and to be trusted...

  • You desire to feel secure, to know your partner loves you and only you.
  • You want to come out of confusion and really begin to understand what went wrong.
  • You want to no longer feel guilt and shame and to finally get to a place where you feel at peace with your partner again.

There is a clear path to all of these things...


I can give you the blueprint to coming out of this cloud of pain and discomfort to a place of clarity and strength.


This includes looking at all the important components of recovering from an affair situation. We will talk about your commitment level, we will explore the underlying issues, you’ll begin to gain an understanding of each other and of your different points of view, and most of all, you will begin to see the possibilities of turning this crisis into an opportunity for a deeper and more connected relationship than you had before!

K I N D   W O R D S

By working with Shannon, we learned to be more empathetic to each other’s needs. We also learned communication skills that were invaluable and used our time with her to have conversations that were difficult and uncomfortable. She helped us navigate through a lot of our issues and helped us learn how to do it ourselves, without needing a mediator. Shannon taught us to fish.

Previous client

I would 100% recommend Shannon as a marriage counselor. Not only did she help us work through several of our surface issues, but she also gave us the tools to do it on our own. Shannon was non-judgmental and made us feel comfortable. One of my absolute favorite things about her is that when she didn’t understand, she would check her understanding and ask clarifying questions. I’ve never had a counselor who does that, and I think it’s what sets her apart from everyone else. Shannon isn’t listening to answer, she's listening to offer tailored feedback and suggestions, and that’s what helped us most.

Previous client

Through our sessions, we better learned how to hear each other, and ourselves; we learned to communicate better/clearer and work through some of our own personal "baggage" and patterns. Shannon was honest, compassionate, and real; ultimately, an effective listener and "mirror" for us both; a wonderful guide on this journey! We appreciate you!

Previous client

I have taken the information I have shared with couples over the years and created a step-by-step program in an easy to follow video format.

I will guide you personally through your journey of recovery and rebuilding. As you watch, listen, and follow the steps, you will begin the process of re-connection.

Let's talk and decide what is right for you.


Or send me a direct email to [email protected]